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Peter Brimelow B.A.(Hons) B.Arch(Hons) RIBA

Artist and Architect


After 30 years as a successful architect I discovered painting and a new love for the urban landscape of the city of London.



is a collection of 50 paintings that tell the story of my journey exploring iconic London subjects and street scenes that challenge stored mental images of familiar places.


The paintings illustrate change as a series of snapshots in time, exploring the idea of a captured instant informed by memories of preceding moments and anticipation of the immediate future, illustrating the transience of city movement against a static cityscape. The works are an accurate architectural record of the fabric of this great city, reflecting the nature of change that is life, and expressing my relationship with the spirit, the people and the excitement of the continuous evolution of the place that is my home.

Read the story of the collection and see the paintings at


watch a short film about my work:


Peter Brimelow - Artist and Architect from Cath on Vimeo.